Nails Plus Hair | Nail salon in Toledo, OH 43613



Nail Services

Acrylic Full Set (with gel polish) $50 Up
Fill In / or Balance (with gel polish) $40 Up
Full Set Pink And White $65 Up
Fill Pink And White $55 Up
Sculpture Full Set $75 Up
Different Shape $10 Up

(Round, coffin, oval, stiletto, etc)

Take Off Gel Polish on Acrylic $5 Up

Manicure & Pedicure Services

Pedicure $38 Up
Manicure $20 Up
Pedicure And Manicure $55 Up
Pedicure (with) Gel Polish $58 Up
Manicure (with) Gel Polish $35 Up

Men Services

Men Pedicure $45 Up
Men Manicure $25 Up
Men Pedicure & Manicure $70 Up

Gel Natural Nail Services

Gel Polish on Hands $20 Up
Gel Polish on Toes $25 Up
Take off acrylic $15 Up
Take Off Gel $10 Up
Nail Fix $5 Up
Nail Design $15 Up
Cut Down Acrylic $5 Up

Natural Nail Services

Cut Down Hand Nail $10 Up
Cut Down Toes Nail $15 Up
French Polish add-on $8 Up
Acrylic on Big Toe $10 Each